About Us

“A Nurturing and Learning Environment”

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Heron House Early Years is situated adjacent to Killearn Glen near to the Primary School, Killearn park and our village centre. We have a large car park for safe and easy drop off and pick up.
Our nursery has spacious dedicated areas for each stage of development from birth to five years.
Heron House Early Years promotes a stimulating positive and loving atmosphere to encourage your child’s development.
Our long term experienced team of nine staff are passionate about quality early years care and education, fully believing that children learn through their play, by being nurtured, through examples, interaction and teaching.
This is achieved through praise and encouragement. Your little person will be encouraged to develop respect, learn to share, to be kind, fair and to develop good manners. Small children’s desires to learn and experiment are of great importance for their development and enjoyment of life!
We are committed to equality of opportunities and oppose all forms of discrimination. Toys and equipment reflect the social diversity of our society and all children have access to these, ensuring non-stereotypical / non-discriminatory practice with respect for all individuals.
Above all we provide a secure and friendly care environment in which you, the parent, will feel completely relaxed and at ease when leaving your child.
Heron House Early Years is recognised by Stirling Council Education Services as an Educational Facility to provide high quality Early Learning and Childcare. This enables families to be secure in the knowledge that their most precious little people are safe, loved, continually learning and happy!

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